San Jose Council Reconsiders Controversial Nightclub Proposal

A proposal to bring a two-story nightclub to downtown San Jose comes back for consideration at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

Regional Minimum Wage Plan Gains Support, Could Include Controversial Exemptions

A regional minimum wage plan has generated broad support, but also anxiety that a segment of low-income workers will be left behind.

Little Portugal Residents Fume over Stalled Road Work

Five weeks after contractors hit a gas line, it’s unclear when work will resume on a bus route connecting East Side to downtown.

Go Big or Go Home: SJDA Slams First Street Development Plan

Plans to revamp an old office building on the corner of First and Santa Clara streets are too drab and unambitious for the city center, according to the San Jose Downtown Association.

Knight Cities Challenge Selects 2 San Jose Grant Proposals

San Pedro Squared, a proposal to liven up a downtown San Jose parking garage with pop-up shops, won a sizable grant from the Knight Cities Challenge. Tim McCormick’s Houslets project—prototyping and deploying tiny, low-cost modular homes—also won seed money.

Council Considers Plan to Keep Retirement-Ready Cops on Staff

After another small academy class, the City Council has proposed a staffing retention plan to prevent more officers from leaving a critically understaffed police force.

South Bay Business Owners Targeted by Serial ADA Lawsuits

A serial plaintiff named John Ho has sued scores of South Bay businesses, alleging that they violate the Americans with Disability Act. Ho and another local plaintiff, Cecil Shaw, appear to be using the well-intended ADA laws as a way to make hundreds of thousands of dollars from legal settlements.

City Council Expected to Pass EPS Ban

After months of outreach trying to get restaurants used to the idea, the city’s moving ahead with its ban on Styrofoam-style take-out containers, a uniquely problematic type of litter because of the way expanded polystyrene (EPS) breaks apart and infiltrates the region’s waterways. On Tuesday, the City Council will discuss the controversial ban slated to go into effect Jan. 1. Other items on Tuesday’s agenda include a jobs development program with Work2Future and a service agreement with the San Jose Downtown Association.