Newest Addition to Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors Represents Critical Swing Vote

Susan Ellenberg’s election to the Santa Clara County District 4 seat stands to shift the board to the center in the years ahead.

How Smart is San Jose? Silicon Valley’s Biggest City Tries to Catch Up with the Digital Future

As local governments chase universal connectivity, San Jose considers how to digitize a city already grappling with user error.

Homeless Get Motel, Hotel Stays under Liccardo’s Proposal

San Jose’s homeless residents could soon have the option of using their housing vouchers to stay in underutilized hotels and motels.

Councilman Wants San Jose to Allocate More of Its Budget to Police

San Jose residents may get a chance to vote on allocating more of the city’s budget to public safety. A motion by Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio aims to put a charter amendment on the June ballot that would guarantee that 40 percent of the general fund goes to the San Jose Police Department. Right now, 30 percent does—down from about 35 percent several years ago. Also on the agenda: future development in the Cambrian neighborhood, a movie screening about female military veterans and letters of thanks to San Jose police and firefighters.

Councilmembers Say City Shouldn’t Charge More for ‘Smart Meter’ Parking

Parking prices may double in downtown pretty soon. But a couple city leaders insist there must be a better way to offset the cost of upgraded meters, rather than passing the price-spike down to drivers. Also on the agenda: wild pigs, a construction tax hiatus and a discussion about where to place that long-delayed bond-funded softball complex.

San Jose Considers New Tax to Pay for Affordable Housing

Business groups worry that San Jose could scare away developers if it imposes a fee on new home construction to pay for more affordable housing, an effort to recoup a fraction of the money lost when the state closed all redevelopment agencies. The City Council, which was supposed to talk about the inclusionary housing fee in December, decided to table the discussion until the new year.

District 3 City Council Race Shaping Up

An intellectual property attorney has thrown his name into what is becoming a crowded race to replace downtown San Jose Councilman Sam Liccardo. Gagliardi joins four others who have filed statements of intent to run in the June primary for the District 3 seat. Other candidates include community organizer Kathy Sutherland, San Jose police officer and sometimes-model Raul Peralez, downtown club owner Mauricio Mejia and youth sports league founder George Kleidon.