City Audit Recommendations Ignored for the Most Part

In 2012, a city audit found that San Jose police working off-duty security jobs lacked accountability and, in some cases, abused the system. Three years after the audit called for “urgent reform and a cultural change,” more than 80 percent of those recommendations have yet to be implemented.

San Jose City Council Considers Updating P-Card Policies

San Jose may update its procurement card policies to keep employees in check, after a recent audit found several examples of overspending.

Bill Would Toughen Mental Health Parity Laws

The city seeks to endorse a legislative proposal that would ensure people get adequate mental health and addiction treatment.

Johnny Khamis Can’t Keep His Story Straight

Just when this story couldn’t get any stranger, Councilmember Johnny Khamis offered a new timeline of events regarding his decision last week to abstain from voting on his own memo. And some of those new events don’t add up.

Impolite Politics

Anybody who has met Aaron Resendez can attest to his aura of sincerity and old-school charm. A longtime community leader who has dedicated his life to the East Side, this is a guy who, during his unsuccessful run for a District 5 council seat in June, visited the ill father of competitor Magdalena Carrasco in the hospital, just to say ‘hi’ and offer support. What a decent dude. That may be why Resendez is so worked up about that public spat he had with Ryan Ford out in front of San Jose City Hall back in May.