South Bay Officials Condemn White House Plan to Deport Vietnamese Immigrants

President Trump’s push to remove potentially thousands of Vietnamese nationals from the U.S. has shaken many local families.

Election 2018: John Cox, Gavin Newsom Disagree About Almost Everything at Their Only Debate

The two men competing to be the next governor of California met for their first (and, alas, probably only) one-on-one stand-off.

Court Sides with Donald Trump Supporters, Allowing Lawsuit Against SJPD to Proceed

A federal appeals court allowed Trump fans to proceed with a lawsuit against San Jose, claiming police led them into a crowd of protesters.

Two San Jose Council Members Leave Republican Party Over Trump’s Immigration Policy

President Donald Trump’s draconian family separation policy has prompted some South Bay leaders to cut ties with the Republican Party.

Stanford Law Fellow Pens Book on Nation’s Triumphant Paradox: American Exceptionalism

Mugambi Jouet’s new book examines how the growing dark side of “American exceptionalism” has driven the polarization of U.S. politics.

Supervisor Yeager Slams Trump on Transgender Bathroom Stance

Santa Clara County’s first openly gay elected official rebuked President Donald Trump for rescinding protections for transgender students.

Where to Watch the First Clinton, Trump Presidential Debate

The world will tune in to see the presidential debate between Clinton and Trump. Here are some of the best spots to watch it outside of your living room.

A Second Look at Steve Brown’s Meltdown, Bizarre Voting History

Steve Brown is a special guy. How else to explain his position to allow businesses to discriminate against gay people? Then there’s his voter record.