Carrasco Broke Rules on Gifts, Barred from Voting on Taxis

Magdalena Carrasco’s sponsored trip last fall to New York City constitutes a violation of state law and will force her to sit on the sidelines for some of this year’s most important City Council votes.

Oakland A’s-San Jose Lease Deal Goes before City Council

Five years since signing a lease agreement with the hope of relocating the Oakland A’s to a new ballpark in downtown San Jose, the City Council is poised to renew the land-holding deal for another seven years. Still, prospects of the team moving 40 miles south remain uncertain.

Delmas Park Residents Oppose Planned Apartment Tower

An old yellow cottage in Delmas Park has become a point of contention in a heated debate about the future of downtown San Jose. That and more will be discussed at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

A Conversation with San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed: Part I

San Jose Inside editor Josh Koehn sat down for a interview last week with San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed. In the first part of their conversation, the two discuss the city’s controversial pension reforms, the depleted police ranks, the current mayor’s race, San Jose’s lawsuit with Major League Baseball and Reed’s insistence that he’s not a closet Republican.