Candidates Begin Lining Up for County Supervisor Races

We’re still 16 months from the 2018 primary, but a huge group is already lining up to run for two county supervisor seats.

Mayor Sam Liccardo on Obama, Trump and the State of San Jose

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo sat down with San Jose Inside last week for an extended conversation on the state of the city.

Jimmy Nguyen Accuses Election Officials of Rejecting Valid Votes in San Jose’s D8 Council Race

A recount in San Jose’s District 8 City Council race is going on day six today, with Jimmy Nguyen accusing election officials of disenfranchising voters.

San Jose Debates How Soon to Phase in $15 Minimum Wage

San Jose plans to raise the minimum wage to $15, but city officials disagree about how quickly to phase it in and whether to allow exemptions.

Whirlwind Election Night Ends With Big Victories, Cliffhangers

A whirlwind election night set the stage for new beginnings as well as a few contested races that could linger into next week.

Contested Election Result Could Lead San Jose to Authorize Legal Defense Funds for Candidates

Litigation over the outcome of San Jose’s D4 council race has prompted the city to consider allowing candidates to raise money for legal defense.

Local Primary Election Turnout Beat State, National Average

Santa Clara County’s voter turnout in June’s primary surpassed both the state and national average, according to a new report.