Op-Ed: Will Loss of Net Neutrality Prevent Next Generation of Technological Innovation?

The repeal of net neutrality threatens to end the democratic internet, which aided in the creation of the technologies that we know and love.

Car and Driverless: Rollout of Autonomous Vehicles Presents Exciting, Existential Questions

Driverless cars have the ability to ease traffic, save lives and reduce pollution—but, of course, they come with a catch.

San Jose May Ease Up on Taxis to Level Playing Field with Uber, Lyft

San Jose lifted some rules for ridesharing services Uber and Lyft. Now the city will decide whether to extend similar treatment to taxis.

San Jose Taxi Company Beefs Up on Lobbyists to Fight Uber, Lyft

In a strategic advance earlier this year, Yellow Checker Cab owner Larry Silva made a calculated decision to hire many of the city’s most well-known lobbyists/consultants before Uber or Lyft made a move.