Op-Ed: Google Advisory Group Must Reflect San Jose’s Diversity

San Jose Councilman Sergio Jimenez says the group advising the Google development must reflect a broad cross-section of the community.

San Jose Councilman Wants to Re-Cast Vote on Controversial Google Advisory Committee

San Jose Councilman Johnny Khamis wants to take back a vote to expand the scope of a hotly debated 30-plus-member advisory board.

Eviction of Elderly Couple Shows How Displacement Imperils Seniors, Disabled Tenants

Advocates for the elderly say the housing crisis imperils the health of seniors, who are harder hit than most tenants when faced with eviction.

County Supervisors Consider Setting Aside Another $405,000 to Help Defend Child Refugees

Santa Clara County may set aside additional funds to help child refugees as they petition the federal government for legal residency.

San Jose Discusses Ordinance on Mobile Home Park Closures

San Jose will consider an ordinance to allow mobile home park owners to evict residents and close parks without redeveloping them.

Mayor Wants City to Sue Scam Artists Preying on Flood Victims

Complaints of price-gouging contractors and negligent landlords have prompted the city to consider taking legal action on behalf of residents.

Rent Control Efforts in San Jose Look at ‘Just Cause’ Evictions

Tenant rights groups want to reform San Jose rent control laws, which allow landlords to boot a tenant for any reason.

Buena Vista Mobile Home Park Owners Sue City of Palo Alto

Owners of a Palo Alto mobile home park say the city violated their rights by requiring them to pay $8 million to relocate 400-plus tenants.

Silicon Valley’s Low-Income Renters Find Few Protections from Predatory Landlords

A public interest lawsuit that paints one property owner as an unrepentant slumlord reflects a growing power imbalance between landlords and tenants.

San Jose Aims for New Rent Control Ordinance by 2016

As housing costs soar and incomes remain relatively stagnant, San Jose aims to pass a new rent control ordinance by the start of 2016.