‘Slavery Towers’ a Flashpoint in Debate Over Labor Standards, Responsible Development

The 643-unit Silvery Towers climbing 22 stories into the sky from the heart of San Jose have become a monument to unfettered greed.

San Jose High-Rise Contractor Pays $250,000 Over Alleged Wage Theft, Labor Trafficking

The builder of a downtown San Jose apartment tower shelled out $250,000 to workers to settle alleged labor violations.

Anno Domini Flips SoFA Art Gallery to Developer Ken Tersini

San Jose’s successor to the defunct Redevelopment Agency recently sold the Anno Domini property to developer Ken Tersini.

Cinema in Silicon Valley Faces Uncertain Future with Closure of Camera 3, BlueLight in Cupertino

Cinema in Silicon Valley faces an uncertain future with the closure of Camera 3, as well as the expected demise of BlueLight in Cupertino.