San Jose Talks Climate Change, Surveillance, Litter and Pensions at Tuesday’s Council Meeting

Since launching its climate action plan, San Jose has created its own clean energy system and won a $2.5 million Bloomberg grant.

Waste Piles Up in San Jose as China Limits Recycling Imports

Paper and plastics tossed by U.S. consumers into their blue bins have been piling up ever since China tightened import restrictions.

Audit Finds that San Jose’s Dept. of Environmental Services Has Poor Oversight of Contracts

Weak controls over consulting contracts in San Jose’s Environmental Services Department put the city at risk of cost overruns, an audit found.

City Council to Discuss San Jose Water Company’s Overbilling

The investor-owned water company that serves about half of Santa Clara County owes a fortune to ratepayers. The only question is: how much?

San Jose Council Weighs Locally Controlled Clean Energy Plan

San Jose is exploring the idea of forming its own power agency to offer residents a higher mix of renewable energy at a slightly lower cost.

Rising Seas, Federal Inaction and Donald Trump Turn Climate Change into a Local Issue

Faced with a science-averse president-elect, local communities have no choice but to fend for themselves in the fight against climate change.

Recycling Rates Lag as San Jose Fights its Biggest Hauler

San Jose has been at odds with its biggest recycling hauler, California Waste Solutions, for failing to meet its contractual obligations.