New Local Podcast Spotlights Rising Political Stars

Ryan Coonerty’s political talk show ‘An Honorable Profession’ will introduce Democratic standouts from cities nationwide.

Anita Hill, Dems Slam GOP for Rushing Inquiry Into Christine Blasey Ford’s Assault Claim

The Palo Alto professor accusing Brett Kavanagh of sexually assaulting her has yet to confirm she will testify before the Senate next week.

Two San Jose Council Members Leave Republican Party Over Trump’s Immigration Policy

President Donald Trump’s draconian family separation policy has prompted some South Bay leaders to cut ties with the Republican Party.

Trump Ending Protections for Salvadorans Puts South Bay Families at Risk of Deportation

President Trump revoking temporary protected status for Salvadorans puts even more South Bay residents at risk of deportation.

Assemblyman Evan Low Leads Push to Abolish Electoral College

A coalition of California legislators, led by Campbell Assemblyman Evan Low, introduced a resolution that aims to abolish the Electoral College.

Photo Gallery: Donald Trump Protest Takes Over San Jose

Hundreds of people on Thursday took to the streets of San Jose to protest Donald Trump’s election to nation’s highest office.

From San Jose to D.C., Women Lead the Way in Election 2016

To help you make sense of the craziness that is the 2016 election, here’s our guide on how to vote from the nation’s highest office to city hall.