Recalled Judge Aaron Persky Asks for Help to Pay Off $135K in Campaign-Related Legal Costs

The former jurist is asking for help paying down a small fortune in court-ordered debt incurred from challenging the recall campaign.

Voters Recall Judge Persky, Replacing Him With Veteran Prosecutor Cindy Hendrickson

Voters on Tuesday ousted Judge Aaron Persky, ending what’s being called the highest-profile political campaign ever in Santa Clara County.

Op-Ed: Recall Persky to Stand Up for Victims of Sexual Assault

Santa Clara County voters deserves judges who take sexual violence seriously and who are not biased in favor of privileged perpetrators.

Campaign to Recall Judge in Stanford Sexual Assault Case Morphs into a Culture War

The #MeToo ethos fuels the effort to oust Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky from the bench in an unprecedented recall election.

Elections Commission Seeks to Limit Anonymous Complaints

Municipal whistle-blowers—and political shysters—may no longer be protected by anonymity, if a proposal by the city’s Elections Commission is approved. The proposal suggests that all written complaints of improprieties be signed before they are submitted to a law firm for investigation, and that callers to the anonymous tip hotline state their precise relationship to the person they are accusing.

The proposal was made in response to a series of allegations surrounding former mayor Tom McEnery, which ultimately were found to have no merit.