SJ City Council Poised to Launch ‘Safe Parking’ for the Homeless

After years of planning and false starts, San Jose is finally poised to launch a “safe parking” initiative for people living out of their cars.

SV411 Podcast: SCC Supervisor Dave Cortese on Trump Lawsuit, Jails, 2020 Run for State Senate

In this week’s Metro SV411 Podcast, we sit down with Dave Cortese, president of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.

NIMBY Backlash Over ‘Tiny Homes’ Prompts City to Reduce Number of Potential Sites

NIMBYs have come out in full force to oppose one of San Jose’s most inventive solutions for homelessness.

County’s Homeless Death Toll Increases 164 Percent from 2011

The number of people dying on the streets of Santa Clara County has risen by 164 percent since 2011, according to a new report.

San Jose City Council Poised to Change Up Zoning Rules to Allow for More Homeless Shelters

Faced with burgeoning homeless population, San Jose will consider changing up its zoning rules to allow for more shelters.

Mayor Sam Liccardo on Obama, Trump and the State of San Jose

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo sat down with San Jose Inside last week for an extended conversation on the state of the city.

Letter to the Editor: $950 Million County Bond Measure Will Help More than Just Homeless People

A $950 million bond measure is designed to not only help the homeless but also create housing opportunities for vulnerable populations.