San Jose Unveils ‘Tiny Homes’ Prototype Ahead of Vote on Pilot Homeless Shelter Program

San Jose expects to have 80 tiny cabins built by next summer to house homeless people until they find a long-term place to stay.

San Jose Dramatically Increases Sweeps of Homeless Camps

San Jose cleared homeless people out of their illegal camps this year at more than 11 times the rate it had in 2013, according to a new report.

Op-Ed: Homeless People Should be Housed, Not Warehoused

This new practice at HomeFirst will ultimately raise the sense of personal safety and introduce hope as a common practice.

San Jose City Council Gives Tiny Homes Proposal Another Chance

After public backlash quashed plans earlier this year to build tiny cabins for the homeless in San Jose, city officials are giving it another shot.

Stanford Study: Rising Cost of Public Employee Pensions Eat Up San Jose’s New Tax Revenue

A study up for review by the San Jose City Council affirms that revenue from two new tax measures is being eaten up by pension costs.

‘Shelter Crisis’ Declaration Would House SJ Flood Victims into April

Three weeks after the flood that devastated several neighborhoods along Coyote Creek, more than 500 households remain displaced.

Daughter Searches for Father after San Jose Storms, Floods

With the floods displacing thousands of San Jose residents, including the homeless, families say some of their loved ones are unaccounted for.

County’s Homeless Death Count More than Doubles from 2015

The number of homeless people who died in Santa Clara County this year more than doubled from 2015, according to newly released data.

Silicon Valley’s High Rents Keep People in Toxic Relationships

The cost of living here takes more than a financial toll—it’s personal. If a relationship falls apart, there’s often nowhere else to go.