San Jose Prepares for War with Wealthy Developers on Evergreen Senior Housing Ballot Measure

Real estate billionaire Carl Berg and deep-pocketed developer Chop Keenan are squaring off with San Jose on a senior housing development.

Alum Rock Trustee Khanh Tran Goes to War with Everyone (Except George Shirakawa Jr.)

The Alum Rock Union trustee’s insistence that he’s in the right led to his ouster as board president, but he’s not backing down.

Alum Rock School District in Disarray; Board President Touts Endorsement from Shirakawa

Khanh Tran, president of the Alum Rock Union Elementary School District board, has hitched his wagon to an unusual political ally.

San Jose Council Member Magdalena Carrasco Dismisses Criticism from Nora Campos

Nora Campos’ unorthodox political career may lead her to challenge Councilwoman Magdalena Carrasco, who is clearly not a fan.

Nora Campos Doubles Down on Accusations against Jim Beall, CHP Report Tells Different Story

The assemblywoman doubled down in accusing her opponent, state Sen. Jim Beall, of criminal behavior. But a CHP report doesn’t back up her claims.

Campos Says Husband Being Kicked in the Balls Was Part of Senators’ Coordinated Attack

Assemblywoman Nora Campos accused state senators Kevin de León and Jim Beall of planning an attack on her husband, Neil Struthers. There’s only one thing that we can be certain of, and it isn’t pretty.

Darcie Green Assembly Campaign Makes Strange Accounting Errors

Darcie Green’s campaign had a few stumbles to begin the year. Now, hard-to-find campaign filings have raised questions about her accounting practices.

2015: A Year in Review

A year in review is rarely pretty, and 2015 was no exception. Here’s a brief list of the some of the biggest stories that made it a year to remember, and soon leave behind.

Kathleen King’s Plan to Remain Politically Relevant Going Great

Kathleen King has remained politically relevant by keeping her nonprofits on the taxpayer dole. Now she plans to pivot that presence into a run for county supervisor—again.

Shirakawa and the Case of the Missing Electronic Bike Vendor

George Shirakawa Jr. shuffled out of office in disgrace two and a half years ago, but the former county supervisor’s egregious misuse of taxpayer funds created a financial odyssey so twisted that it continues to bedevil staff to this day.