Op-Ed: Google Bought Land in Downtown San Jose—Now What?

San Jose has arrived at a fork in the road: we can either tax tech to build homes and transit, or we can recommit to a broken status quo.

Op-Ed: Is San Jose Deliberately Trying to Displace People?

Is the Affordable Housing Network the only organization in San Jose that believes San Jose’s general plan is a blueprint for a train wreck?

San Jose Planning Official Leaving for Town of Los Gatos

San Jose is about to lose another of its lead planning directors, Laurel Prevetti, who accepted a job as Assistant Town Manager of Los Gatos.

Council to Discuss Smoking, Bike Lanes

Starting May 25, it could be against the law in San Jose to smoke a cigarette while sitting in a bar’s outdoor patio, standing outside of one’s apartment door or waiting in line. On Tuesday, the City Council plans to vote on expanding restrictions on where people can smoke, and many at City Hall believe the item will pass with little resistance. According to Joseph Okpaku, Councilmember Ash Kalra’s chief of staff, the new ban would go into effect 45 days after the vote.