Five Remarkably Candid Tips From Departing Gov. Brown

Don’t hold regular press conferences. Reward loyalty. If you’re a Californian with presidential aspirations, move to New York.

With Colorado Now Blue, These Silicon Valley Activists Plan to Flip the Rest of the Country

Sister District candidates managed to push a blue wave to take back the House, and some state legislatures along with it. 

Recalled Judge Aaron Persky Asks for Help to Pay Off $135K in Campaign-Related Legal Costs

The former jurist is asking for help paying down a small fortune in court-ordered debt incurred from challenging the recall campaign.

San Benito’s Native Son, Anti-Fracking Activist Robert Rivas, Heads to Sacramento

Bold. That’s how Robert Rivas, newly elected 30th District assemblyman describes himself, his leadership style and his campaign. 

Santa Clara County Officials Spar Over Who Should Influence Billions of Dollars in Tax Appeals

What would’ve been a routine nomination erupted into a political brawl between county Assessor Larry Stone and Supervisor Dave Cortese.

Tony Thurmond Becomes California’s New Superintendent of Public Schools—Now What?

Bay Area Democratic Assemblyman Tony Thurmond declared victory Saturday as the state’s new superintendent of public instruction.

Milpitas Mayor Rich Tran Vows to Follow Through on Recall Threat

After years on the defensive, the Milpitas mayor is flexing his political muscles, threatening to make good on a threat to oust a political foe.

Vote by Mail? Better Make Sure Your Ballot Wasn’t Rejected

Anyone who dropped off or mailed a ballot Nov. 6 should check its status, because a missing or a mismatched signature could void their vote.