Downtown College Prep Students Organize Know-Your-Rights Workshop for Immigrant Families

Students at an East Side San Jose high school will lead a workshop later this week to educate immigrant families about their rights.

Supervisor Yeager Slams Trump on Transgender Bathroom Stance

Santa Clara County’s first openly gay elected official rebuked President Donald Trump for rescinding protections for transgender students.

Jimmy Nguyen Accuses Election Officials of Rejecting Valid Votes in San Jose’s D8 Council Race

A recount in San Jose’s District 8 City Council race is going on day six today, with Jimmy Nguyen accusing election officials of disenfranchising voters.

Santa Clara County Invites Public to Weigh in on Immigration Issues

Santa Clara County leaders have asked the public to share their thoughts on anticipated changes in immigration policy under the next president.

With Thousands of Ballots Still Uncounted, Some South Bay Races Remain Too Close to Call

A week out from Election Day, some Santa Clara County races remain too close to call, which has prevented a few obligatory concession calls.

Photo Gallery: Donald Trump Protest Takes Over San Jose

Hundreds of people on Thursday took to the streets of San Jose to protest Donald Trump’s election to nation’s highest office.

Dead Heat in San Jose’s District 8 Council Race; Other Victors Clear

Vote counts in Santa Clara County are nearly finalized. However, one City Council race in San Jose remains too close to call.