Downtown College Prep Students Organize Know-Your-Rights Workshop for Immigrant Families

Students at an East Side San Jose high school will lead a workshop later this week to educate immigrant families about their rights.

Rep. Speier Calls for Ratification of Equal Rights Amendment

A rally and walk held Sunday in Palo Alto brought renewed attention to a constitutional amendment to guarantee women have equal rights.

Mayor Liccardo Brings San Jose Education Stakeholders Together

There has been a considerable amount of angst created by a controversial facilities plan in San Jose Unified School District. Unfortunately, it did not have to be this way.

SJ2020: Closing the Achievement Gap

Bottom-up-reform for improving education in Silicon Valley is more effective than top-down-reform efforts, however there is a paucity of examples of the former. In our climate of entrepreneurial know-how one would think there would be a bounty of examples of schools rearranging the apples on the proverbial cart to innovate and improve achievement for all. Yet, school the way we knew it back before the Apple II was introduced is still the norm.