Op-Ed: Telling the Houseless to Wait for Help Is a Death Sentence

Houseless people and those of us who advocate for them have been told, “wait for permanent supportive housing.” We have waited and waited.

NIMBY Backlash Over ‘Tiny Homes’ Prompts City to Reduce Number of Potential Sites

NIMBYs have come out in full force to oppose one of San Jose’s most inventive solutions for homelessness.

Sergio Jimenez, San Jose’s D2 Councilman-Elect, Sworn in Early

Councilman-elect Sergio Jimenez, who represents the Edenvale-Santa Teresa neighborhoods, starts his new job a month early and without pay.

A Look at Who’s Funding San Jose Council Races, Local Measures

Political donors have spent more than $1.6 million on three San Jose ballot measures and another $822,000 on three City Council contests.

Council Candidate Steve Brown Dogged by Claims of Wage Theft, Wrongful Termination

Council candidate Steve Brown owns a security company that regulators ordered to pay tens of thousands of dollars in wage theft judgments.

A Second Look at Steve Brown’s Meltdown, Bizarre Voting History

Steve Brown is a special guy. How else to explain his position to allow businesses to discriminate against gay people? Then there’s his voter record.

Judge Booed for Chavez Remark

Judge Arthur Weisbrodt drew boos from a handful of San Jose Rotary Club members when he quoted an anonymous source as saying “I would tell the voters that voting for Cindy Chavez is the same as voting for George Shirakawa or Ron Gonzales. The same corruption, dishonesty and back deals.” Weisbrodt was moderating a debate last wednesday between Chavez and Teresa Alvarado in the runoff election to fill former county supervisor George Shirakawa Jr.’s seat.