Op-Ed: Google Bought Land in Downtown San Jose—Now What?

San Jose has arrived at a fork in the road: we can either tax tech to build homes and transit, or we can recommit to a broken status quo.

Retired Cupertino Accountant Arrested on Suspicion of Stealing $800,000 in Taxpayer Funds

A retired accountant for the city of Cupertino was arrested on suspicion of embezzling close to $800,000 from taxpayers. 

Cupertino Criticized for Lack of Transparency Over City Attorney Randolph Hom’s Departure

Local watchdogs believe the city attorney’s unceremonious departure may have had something to do with the controversial Vallco Mall project.

A Tale of Two Cities: Santa Clara and Cupertino

The city of Santa Clara’s success is largely due to its political leadership. Elected leaders in Cupertino, on the other hand, have been an embarrassment, and none of those incumbents should be allowed to return to office.