San Jose Planning Official Leaving for Town of Los Gatos

San Jose is about to lose another of its lead planning directors, Laurel Prevetti, who accepted a job as Assistant Town Manager of Los Gatos.

Investors Eye San Jose Hillsides for Luxury Subdivision

Environmentalists clash with private landowners who want to develop a greenbelt property in San Jose’s southeastern hillsides.

Final Ruling in Measure B Case

Last week, Santa Clara County Judge Patricia Lucas issued a final Measure B verdict. A reader wondered in an email why we didn’t write about it. Fair point, which brings us to this update. The final decision in the landmark pension reform case that forced employees to contribute 16 percent more of their pay to retirement costs is similar to the tentative ruling trotted out in December, except for a couple details.

City Debates Library Tax Renewal

City leaders on Tuesday will consider placing a measure to extend an about-to-expire library parcel tax on the June ballot.

Xavier Campos Pushes Half-Cent Sales Tax to Hire More Police

San Jose Councilman Xavier Campos has proposed a half-cent sales tax measure so the city can hire more police officers. “Ideally, no one would want to increase taxes,” he writes in a memo going before the Rules and Open Government Committee on Wednesday. “However, this council has worked before on making tough fiscal decisions to increase services to our citizens.”

Dem Central Committee Votes for Early Endorsement for San Jose Mayor’s Race

In a near-unanimous vote Thursday, the county’s Democratic Central Committee agreed to move its endorsement decision for the San Jose mayor’s race from April to February. Moving the schedule up a couple months gives the party more time to mobilize a campaign behind its preferred candidate, who many presume to be county Supervisor Dave Cortese.