As Nation Ages, Millions of Young People to Spend Lives Caregiving

By 2050, the number of people over the age of 65 is expected to double, and the burden to care for them will fall on younger generations.

Silicon Valley’s Trump Resistance Chapter, Orchard City Indivisible, Grows in Strength, Membership

What started as a 25-page Google doc has led to Indivisible, a chain of regional groups that are rallying the nation’s anti-Trump resistance.

Assemblyman Low Confronts NRA, Advances Gun Control Bills

Days after the mass shooting at at a gay nightclub in Orlando, anger gave way to action as California lawmakers advanced a raft of gun laws.

‘Kill the Gays’ Bill Inspires Push for Warnings Labels to Voters

A state lawmaker thinks there should be a warning label for potentially unconstitutional citizen initiatives, like the infamous “kill the gays” bill.

Assemblyman Low Riles Labor Up by Opposing Fair Schedule Bill

Evan Low has been able to cultivate an image as a phenom of the liberal left. But over the last couple years, the 32-year-old assemblyman has taken a more moderate stance on certain issues, to the chagrin of some of his earliest supporters.

Campbell Mayor to Host Blood Drive that Bans Him, Other Gay Men

Evan Low can host a blood drive, but can’t donate his own blood. Still, the openly gay mayor of Campbell and openly gay Vice Mayor Rich Waterman will lead an American Red Cross drive this afternoon—both for charity’s sake and to make a statement against the federal ban that prohibits men who admit to having sex with other men from giving blood.

Campbell Leadership Breaks New Ground

Campbell’s reputation as a sleepy town once known for prunes and Western wear shops—and more recently for its Oktoberfest and Mardi Gras parties—might need an update, as it can now be argued that it has become one of the Bay Area’s hot spots for progressive politics.

Watt’s Up, Evan?

Fly noticed a familiar, comely face in the corner of last week but was slightly confused to see a blue and orange PG&E logo where Evan Low’s dimple should be.

The trail-blazing, openly gay mayor of Campbell, shilling for PG&E? It turns out to be an ad for the much-maligned SmartMeter Program, the PG&E initiative to replace all old power meters with digital ones supposedly designed to provide more accurate readouts and give customers a better way to monitor their gas and electricity usage.