Audit: San Jose Should Slash Vehicle Impound, Towing Fees

A new audit coming before the City Council on Tuesday recommends slashing car impound fees and subsidizing rates for low-income drivers.

City, County Officials Find Temporary Site for San Jose’s ‘Hope Village’ Homeless Camp

Local leaders found a place to relocate Hope Village, an un-permitted homeless camp created by activists and advocates for the un-housed.

San Jose’s ‘Hope Village’ Camp Forced to Relocate; Search Continues for Alternate Site

Though its future remains uncertain, Hope Village accomplished what no local elected leader has had the political will or vision pull off.

Photos of San Jose’s Naked Highway 101 Cyclist Go Viral, But His Identity Remains a Mystery

Photos of a nude cyclist cruising on Highway 101 in San Jose went viral on social media, but CHP never found the mystery rider.

South Bay Police Struggle to Enforce Laws Against Stoned Driving in Wake of Legalization

Families who lost loved ones to drugged driving worry that the state’s inability to consistently enforce DUI laws will put other lives at risk.

The Year in Preview: Important Local Issues to Watch in 2018

There’s no telling the future, but here we give you some cursory predictions about a handful of local issues.

Nora Campos Doubles Down on Accusations against Jim Beall, CHP Report Tells Different Story

The assemblywoman doubled down in accusing her opponent, state Sen. Jim Beall, of criminal behavior. But a CHP report doesn’t back up her claims.

How Much Will Super Bowl 50 Cost Local Law Enforcement?

A month shy of Super Bowl 50, local police agencies are going all out. There’s just a couple questions: How much will it cost and who will pay for it?

Bad Nudes Bared: Lupin Lodge’s Idyllic Clothing-Free Lifestyle Unravels in Alarming Fashion

Mounting legal troubles have longtime Lupin Lodge members worried about the future of the historic naturist resort.