Recalled Judge Aaron Persky Asks for Help to Pay Off $135K in Campaign-Related Legal Costs

The former jurist is asking for help paying down a small fortune in court-ordered debt incurred from challenging the recall campaign.

Appeals Court Upholds Brock Turner’s Conviction for Sexual Assault, Attempted Rape

An appeals court on Wednesday rejected Brock Turner’s bid for a new trial and upheld his conviction for sexual assault and attempted rape.

Campaign to Recall Aaron Persky Shifts Focus to Political Activism

Stanford professor Michele Dauber has carried the momentum from a high-profile judicial recall campaign into local activism.

Brock Turner’s Lawyer Appeals Conviction, Saying Client Only Wanted ‘Sexual Outercourse’

Brock Turner’s lawyer said his client only wanted to have “sexual ‘outercourse’” with his passed-out victim and didn’t intend to rape her.

Court Today Hears Arguments for Brock Turner’s Appeal of 2016 Sexual Assault Conviction

Brock Turner’s lawyer is set to appear in court today to appeal the former Stanford University swimmer’s 2016 sexual assault conviction.

Voters Recall Judge Persky, Replacing Him With Veteran Prosecutor Cindy Hendrickson

Voters on Tuesday ousted Judge Aaron Persky, ending what’s being called the highest-profile political campaign ever in Santa Clara County.

Op-Ed: Vote ‘Yes’ to Recall Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky

Judge Aaron Persky has privileged the rights of male perpetrators rather than protecting the rights of female victims.

Op-Ed: Recall Persky to Stand Up for Victims of Sexual Assault

Santa Clara County voters deserves judges who take sexual violence seriously and who are not biased in favor of privileged perpetrators.

Op-Ed: Campaign to Recall Judge Persky Resorts to Inflammatory Rhetoric, Misleading Tactics

As the June 5 election approaches and the inflammatory, incomplete information continues to proliferate, says public defender Sajid Khan.

Michele Dauber Pulls Out of Persky Recall Debate, Sends Colleague to Face LaDoris Cordell

Spokespeople from both sides of the debate faced off Wednesday in the first public forum on the Recall Persky campaign.