Op-Ed: City of San Jose Tackles Challenge of Digital Equity

San Jose may be the Capital of Silicon Valley, but it is very much a tale of two cities with significant inequality for income and connectedness.

Report: Clinton Fleeced Foothill-De Anza Community College for 2002 Speech, Softball Interview

Bill Clinton made some diva demands as a six-figure speaker when he left the White House for the lecture circuit.

Revived South County Mosque Project Stokes Islamophobia

Plans to build an Islamic center in rural San Martin have—once again—stirred up anti-Muslim sentiment.

Culture of Misogyny Persists for Women in Silicon Valley Politics

Silicon Valley was once the female capital of the world for political power, but times have changed. In order to make progress, we need to not only elect more women leaders but also change the culture in which they are forced to compete.

Campaign Ethics: Lies, Inconsistency and Money

The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University held a program on campaign ethics Friday. The central question posed: Do campaigns have ethical standards? It is not a question that can be fully answered in a sound bite. So let’s start with the three core issues: lies, inconsistency and money.

Silicon Valley CEOs Need PR Tips

The titans of Silicon Valley need some personal public relation advisors. Marissa Mayer, Tim Cook, Meg Whitman, Scott McNealy and many others fail to grasp the most basic PR concepts. They don’t have to look far for good role models. David Packard, Bill Hewlett, Steve Jobs and Gordon Moore were masters at molding their public image.

Let’s Focus on Community over Politics

Omar Torres, executive director of the local nonprofit Santa Maria Urban Ministry (SMUM), joins San Jose Inside as a new columnist. In addition to writing about his work as a community organizer, Torres, who is an elected member of the Democratic Central Committee, will break down how politics work behind the scenes in San Jose and Santa Clara County.

Santa, Please Bring Back the Arts

If I had one request for Santa this holiday season, I would want him to work with each of our 31 school districts—too many, for sure—and make certain they have plans to expand STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curricular planning to include the Arts.