California AG Probes Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse, Cover-Ups

For the first time ever, California prosecutors are conducting a multi-jurisdictional probe into clergy abuse cover-ups in the Catholic church.

Op-Ed: Yes, Even Liberal Enclaves Like Silicon Valley Need Candid Conversations About Race

With the vitriolic nature of racial discourse in America, it’s no wonder people avoid the topic. But we need more conversation on race—not less.

SV411 Podcast: SCC Supervisor Dave Cortese on Trump Lawsuit, Jails, 2020 Run for State Senate

In this week’s Metro SV411 Podcast, we sit down with Dave Cortese, president of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.

What We Know about San Jose’s Next Police Chief, Eddie Garcia

We reviewed approximately 400 emails sent and received by assistant police chief Eddie Garcia, who’s set to take over the department in January. Here’s what we learned.

Improving Public Education, Healing Wounds after Election

As we turn the page on the election, Sam Liccardo and Dave Cortese each have an enormous responsibility to heal the wounds created by the race. Doing so could go a long way toward accomplishing city and county goals, such as eliminating the achievement gap in our schools.

Veteran Legislator John Vasconcellos Dies at 82

John Vasconcellos, California’s longest continuously serving lawmaker who represented the Silicon Valley for 38 years until he termed out in 2004, died over the weekend.