In Surprise Ruling, High Court Sides with Baker Who Refused to Make Gay Couple’s Wedding Cake

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of a baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, but not for the reasons expected.

Out + Smart in Silicon Valley: The New Faces of Gay Politics as the Breakthrough Generation Retires

Will quiet bias keep LGBTQ candidates out of office, or has shifting consciousness made the South Bay a safe place to run a gay campaign?

Candidates Excluded From BAYMEC Forum Speak Out

Meet Mike Alvarado and Maria Hernandez, two grassroots candidates in the race to replace Santa Clara County Supervisor Ken Yeager.

Candidates Vie for LGBTQ Support in Bid to Succeed Santa Clara County Supe Ken Yeager

Several people running to replace Santa Clara County Supervisor Ken Yeager made their case Thursday for the BAYMEC endorsement.

California Democrats Still Split on Bernie, New State Party Chair

With its raucous election for party chair, the Golden State’s donkey party made for all sorts of colorful headlines this past weekend.

South Bay LGBT Political Group Tries to Recoup after Losing Momentum in 2016

BAYMEC, one of the South Bay’s leading LGBT organizations, is trying to recover after losing more than half its board of directors this past year.

A Look at Who’s Funding San Jose Council Races, Local Measures

Political donors have spent more than $1.6 million on three San Jose ballot measures and another $822,000 on three City Council contests.

A Second Look at Steve Brown’s Meltdown, Bizarre Voting History

Steve Brown is a special guy. How else to explain his position to allow businesses to discriminate against gay people? Then there’s his voter record.

San Jose Council Candidate Crashes Press Event, Denies Claims of LGBT Discrimination

Council candidate Steve Brown crashed a press conference convened to denounce his views on discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

District 4 Special Election Inspires Rush for Supporters

The special election to succeed former San Jose Councilman Kansen Chu—and by extension his temporarily appointed fill-in Margie Matthews—takes greater shape next week, when candidates must file their first campaign disclosure forms for 2015. But what have they been doing in the meantime?