Bitcoin Boosters Find New Disciples at South Bay Meetups

The Bitcoin bubble may be bursting, but local cryptocurrency klatches still draw hundreds of curious attendees.

Steve Kerr: Warriors’ Patrick McCaw ‘Has Chance to Be Great’

The Warriors arguably play basketball better than any team ever, and little-known guard Patrick McCaw could help prolong that success.

Car and Driverless: Rollout of Autonomous Vehicles Presents Exciting, Existential Questions

Driverless cars have the ability to ease traffic, save lives and reduce pollution—but, of course, they come with a catch.

Lost in Translation: Interpreter Shortage Deprives Justice in Santa Clara County Courts

An interpreter shortage has people giving up their rights, judges acting unethically and court officials saying everything is fine.

Perdido en la Traducción en los Tribunales del Condado de Santa Clara

Debido a la falta continua de intérpretes, el sistema judicial del condado de Santa Clara ha logrado segregar a los ciudadanos con base a su idioma durante años. Por lo tanto, esta separación ha causado injusticias.

The Myth of Super Bowl Sex Trafficking Obscures Real Issues

With no evidence of a Big Game-related spike, the crackdown on trafficked humans more often than not targets sex workers and consenting adults.